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Side Businesses That Run Themselves? Here Are 10 Best Examples

by Cynthia
Side Businesses That Run Themselves


When you already have full-time work, starting a side company on the side is not a simple task; nonetheless, the result, which includes enhanced financial stability and a profound feeling of fulfillment, makes an effort worthwhile. These ten ideas for interested full-time workers who want to start side businesses that run themselves may be carried out on weekends, evenings, or even during lunch breaks; hence, they are readily compatible with full-time employment.

  1. Website Design

If you already have skills in the technical and aesthetic aspects of web development from your day job, taking up more customers on the side is a reasonably straightforward way to start making extra income. As a result of the increased use of websites in modern business practices, web design services are in high demand. This ranges from numerous organizations to individuals working independently. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by the year 2022, there will be a need to fill 28,500 jobs for web developers.

  1. Social Media Consulting

People who are proficient with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest may provide their assistance to others who are still getting up to speed with these platforms. According to Freelancer.com, job listings linked to Twitter and Facebook were among the most popular and fastest-rising on the site in the last year. This indicates that there is a significant demand in this area.

  1. App Developer

Jobs such as being a web developer may not have existed about ten years ago, but the industry that supports them is exploding. During the first three months of 2012, the iPhone app market was alone responsible for creating 4,318 job openings on the website, Freelancer.com. PayScale.com reports that the hourly wage for part-time independent software engineers working part-time earns a median of $40 an hour. App developers have the option of working for themselves or for customers to produce applications.

  1. Illustrator

Illustrators are artists that make images by hand or with computer software to be used in various contexts, including website banners, blog logos, and even digital book covers. Clients might vary from numerous corporations to independent freelancers who wish to improve the appearance of their blogs or website. You may get a head start by consulting online resources such as dribbble.com (notice the three b’s).

  1. Personal Mentor or Counselor

The profession of life coaching is expanding quickly. Although many organizations are dedicated to life coaching and various certification programs, anybody may call themselves a life coach. The majority of the time, a life coach will act as a mentor to their client, guiding them through the process of defining their objectives and working toward achieving them. PayScale.com says the hourly wage for part-time freelance life coaches is $70 per hour.

  1. Pet Sitter

Walking dogs, spending the night with cats, and feeding fish are just some of the responsibilities that come with providing pet care for other people’s animals. Although it does not pay very much – PayScale.com estimates that the usual rate for part-time dog walkers is just over $10 an hour – it is reasonably direct employment, especially for those searching for flexibility. Between 2012 and 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates an increase in employment for animal care employees of around 15 percent.

  1. An Instructor of Yoga

Due to the unpredictable nature of their working hours, yoga instructors commonly have additional occupations, the majority of which have nothing to do with their yoga teaching. The training to become a yoga teacher may be rather rigorous, needing around 200 hours of practice and study, or perhaps more. Many in-demand sessions are held in the evenings and on weekends, making it more straightforward for instructors to balance their teaching responsibilities with other commitments.

  1. Florist

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the profession of floral arranging is falling due to diminishing customer interest, particular areas within the industry, notably wedding floral arrangements, continue to thrive. Identifying your target market and the kind of customers you serve, developing a robust web presence, and expanding via word of mouth are essential to achieving financial success.

  1. Blogging

Most bloggers do not earn a significant amount of money off their blogs, with a few noteworthy exceptions. However, they generate money via activities connected to their blog, such as writing for other parties (such as businesses) or giving material to customers who discover them through their blog. Coaching others, selling items like digital guides or webinars, and conducting workshops are other ways for bloggers to make money online. Writing can be done any time, making blogging a simple hobby to pursue in your spare time.

  1. Tutoring

Tutors may assist students with various topics, from improving their SAT vocabulary to becoming fluent in a new language. Specialized tutors assist students who struggle academically or who have health-related concerns. In most cases, they are self-employed and work from their own homes. If an educational firm engages them, however, they may be required to go to the homes or schools of their pupils. According to PayScale.com, the average hourly wage for independent, part-time tutors working for themselves is around $20.


Running a side business alongside one’s primary occupation is becoming more common. People are venturing on their own to create side businesses to supplement their income, use talent or interest, test their limits, or see whether they prefer being their boss.

There is an almost infinite variety of potential part-time occupations. To supplement their regular income, more and more individuals are turning to a variety of side hustles, both active and passive, in both the internet and offline worlds.

You may either work alone or sign up with an existing agency to rapidly expand your customer base. In any case, you should choose a field and a specific subfield within that field that piques your curiosity to ensure that you enjoy the time you devote to it.

You may experience what it’s like to be your boss by starting a side company on the side. When run properly, a side company may provide a stable income while allowing for a more flexible schedule.

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