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How much should I pay someone to take my online class? – How much is too much?

by Cynthia
Pay Someone To Take My Online Class

Online classes have been around for quite a long time. However, just recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting almost the entire world, online classes have become more popular than ever before.

Most of the countries have switched to an exclusively online model of teaching, while others have made a more hybrid mix of on-campus and online classes. All of these are done to reduce contact and thus the spread of COVID-19.

Regardless of the mode of learning employed, online classes sit at the heart of it and will continue to do so until life gets back to normal like the times before the pandemic.

Studies have also been conducted to determine if online classes have a better execution rate when it comes to imparting knowledge, all of which points in one direction – that is., that online classes are here to stay.

However, with the advent of online classes, there has been an increase in another practice that is especially common in students today – the practice of paying someone else to take your online classes.

Online classes, for all their benefits, can still become boring and tedious – especially when you can just as easily choose the comfort of your bed over it in the morning.

This is the reason many students are turning to the practice of paying people to take their online classes. The idea is extremely simple: you give someone else your login credentials and they take your online classes for you, for a mutually agreed-upon price.

The question then arises: “how much should I pay someone to take my online class?”

How Much You Should Pay Someone for Taking Your Online Classes?


The subject of how much you should pay someone to take your online class is not a very well explored one, especially because this practice is not quite acceptable everywhere.

The legality of the whole charade where you hire someone else to take your online class has been in the shadows, and many people believe that the practice is downright illegal.

This is the reason for having no standardized rates for this practice across the globe. In fact, the rates for someone to take your online class depend on an array of different factors that need to be considered beforehand. Mentioned below are some of these factors that should be considered to determine how much you should pay someone to take your online class:

  • Subject Area

The Subject of your class is probably the biggest factor that can help determine how much you should pay someone to take your online class.

For example, at a high school level, your main subject areas of concern are Physics, Chemistry, Maths, probably Biology, and other such general sciences.

You can also hire people to take classes in your Arts subjects like English or any other language. These are the kind of subjects that do not require a specialized approach and thus anyone (at least most people) who have a high school qualification and also a little bit of college experience will be able to take your online class without any problems.

However, things start to get a little tricky at the college level. At an undergraduate level, your subjects are both generalized and specialized. Thus, you will need someone who has particular experience in that field.

For example, if you are a pre-medical undergraduate, any regular college graduate won’t be able to help you with your online class. Similarly, things get even trickier when you get to a master’s level.

  • Length of your class

The length of your class is the second biggest factor that can help determine how much it is worth taking your class on your behalf because it directly influences the employment time of the person you hire to take your classes.

You cannot really expect a 20-minute generic class for Biology to be worth the same as a one-hour-long class with a discussion on, for example, Immanuel Kant’s theory of ethics. Similarly, a 30-minute-long molecular physics class is worth much more than an hour-long discussion on what is the best solution for the growing pollution in the developing world.

As seen above, there is no definite answer to how much taking your online class is worth when it comes to determining the length of your class.

However, as a general rule of thumb: both the intensity of the subject as well as the length of your class play a vital role in determining its worth.

  • Academic level

This has already been discussed before, and it’s important enough to award a separate independent mention of its own.

Your academic level might just be the single most important factor that determines what you should pay someone to take your online class.

As a general rule of thumb, remember that the more advanced your academic level is, the higher you will have to pay someone to take your online class.

  • Desired Grade Guarantee

One of the most crucial elements for determining the right price to be paid to someone for taking an online class is the mutually decided outcome.

If your demands are generic, that is, you only want someone to take your online classes for you to pass the semester without any special grade guarantee, then this factor might not come into play altogether.

However, if your demands are somewhat special in nature, that is, if you want a specific grade along with a specific attendance record, and you also want the person you hire to complete any additional optional assignments for extra credit as well, then you might need to increase the compensation.


Having said all these, the amount to pay someone to take your online class depends on a lot of factors. Even then, this is not quite an exhaustive list.

There are still a multitude of factors, albeit less important, that influences the answer to this question, including whether you are hiring an individual freelancer to complete your job or a well-established company that provides you with an agent who takes your online classes for you.

In conclusion, determining how much you should pay someone to take your online class is a tricky question, especially because of a lack of standardization. Still, these are some of the basic factors that you can take into account to decide the right price that should be paid to someone to take your online classes.

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