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Online Focus Groups That Pay – How To Join A Focus Group And Get Paid For Your Time

by Cynthia
Online Focus That Pays

How to Make Over $100 In an Hour for Sharing Your Opinion

Do you enjoy taking paid surveys but feel bad the pay isn’t worth your time? If you belong to this category, then this is the best article for you to read as it will open your eyes to good online focus groups that pay well. Online focus groups that pay well are so many and you need to be patient to get good ones.

If you are familiar with paid surveys, I believe you already have the knowledge that it does not give you so much money for your time but with focus groups, they are much more in-depth, and you are assured of getting paid over $100 within an hour of participation. 

The amount you will earn is determined greatly by the length of the focus group you participate in.


What Is A Paid Focus Group?

Market research is an important aspect of bringing a company’s brand-new product or idea to its consumers. Most times, this is achieved by getting opinions from a group of people. Hence, we can define a focus group as a small group of people that have been invited to share their opinions online or physically.

These are conducted to get a feel of how prospective consumers will react to a new product or idea.

How Do Focus Groups Work?

Participating in-person focus group requires you to be interviewed in person. This interview will take place within a group where other participants like you come together to talk to one another. 

This discussion is usually in a round table format where you will find a moderator or a researcher leading the group, taking notes, asking questions, and recording the results. 

Attending this type of focus group may require one or two sessions, but the good thing about it is that, for every session you attend, you will receive your bucks.

The second type of participation is attending online. This is similar to an in-person focus group only that, you will be participating via chat using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. A link will be given to you to access the focus group where you will join the discussion and give your feedback.

There are times when you will be required to participate via live video chat. This means you will have to download the necessary software needed ahead of your research.

How To Find Legit Paid Focus Groups

Getting focus groups that pay money either online or in person requires you to take your time to do your findings. You will need to undergo a screening process before you can participate in any research study. 

Organizations lookout for specific skills and interests and you should know that you will not qualify all the time. To increase your chances of qualification, join as many companies as possible.

In addition, make sure you check out the company you are signing up with on Facebook and LinkedIn to confirm how legit they are. Look out for their reviews, a well-paid market research company will have many 5-star ratings. The last thing you would want is to waste your time applying, participating, and not getting your cash for the work you have done. 

To avoid getting scammed online, I have compiled the best online paid focus groups that pay cash for you.

  • Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the most popular, legit online website to make some extra bucks. Though their earnings are not so much, I have personally earned up to $30 (in point) a month. 

Note that they do not pay in cash, but in points, which can be redeemed as gift cards. Once you are signed up, you will get great focus groups and study research you can participate in. 

The Survey Junkie website is easy to set up and you need not pay a dime to subscribe.

Pay: $1.5-$80 equivalent per survey.

  • User Interviews

During sign-up, you will need to supply basic information such as name, city, state of residence, etc. This information enables User interviews to pair you with available studies that suit you.

Connecting your social media account (Facebook and LinkedIn) gives you better chances of participating in focus groups since the details of your profiles can be seen.

Payment is through cash, PayPal, Check, or Amazon gift card.

Pay: $10-250 per survey.

  • Respondent (Make sure you give this a try)

Respondent is my favorite of all, a superb service for in-person and online research studies. Their payout is great with an average payout of $150 an hour and even more. Industry professionals get paid more in Respondent, 5% of your earnings go to the company as a processing fee.

The average pay is $150 per hour.

  • FocusGroup.com

FocusGroup offers nationwide (United States of America) paid research opportunities where you register online, take part in surveys, and paid focus groups. 

Be on the lookout for research studies under consumer topics. Ensure you check their payment method to be sure you are cool with it. The payout is via gift card, visa card, check, or cash.

Pay: $75-$150 per survey.

  • Experience Dynamics

This website specializes in user experience, user interface testing, user research, visual design, and interaction design. They are paid by corporate clients to put smiles on the faces of their users and in turn, participants give honest reviews on website designs and software applications.

They recruit testers worldwide as long as you have experience in technology,

Pay: $50-$150 dollars.

  • American Consumer Opinion

A highly rated and legit company that pays in exchange for an opinion. They are into using their own “virtual currency” point system as a means of payout. 

The minimum payout is $10 which can be deposited directly into PayPal. 

Pay: Up to $50 per survey.

  • FindFocusGroups.com

This website connects you to paid focus groups in the US. The website has a great-looking interface than most of the other sites. The banner ads displayed on this website can be distracting, but you can easily find your way around to get lists of studies online. 

Pay:  $50 to $200

  • Survey Feeds

Survey Feeds collects the best-paid survey research opportunities around the country and online. The surveys are both online and offline. You’d get a good amount of money on whichever online focus group you decide to participate in.

Pay: Up to $100 per study online and up to $1,000 per study offline.

  • Probe Market Research

Participation could be done online or over the phone. High-level executives, medical professionals, and Consumers are in high demand to come on board. 

Top brands and manufacturers and brands recruit Probe and its partners to conduct product trials, online surveys, mystery shopping gigs, and more.

Pay: $25-$300 per study.

  • Google Usability

Google survey? Oh yes! Google allows you to share your experience by participating in their survey. You will receive a gift card when a survey is completed. This will not get you rich, but it is definitely worth your time.  

Pay: $75 per hour.

  • Recruit and Field

Online studies and in-person studies are conducted Nationwide. Payment is through PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

Pay: $100-$275 per study.

  • Mindswarms

Mindswarms, is a uniquely global survey research platform that collects data in the form of video. You will be paid $50 to answer 7 questions about a product or service. These studies take less than 10 minutes to answer and can be recorded with either your smartphone or tablet.

Once your response to a study is submitted, you get paid through PayPal after 24 hours.

More Ways to Find Paid Research Studies Online

The companies listed above are not the only paid focus group opportunities around, there are still several options available. As said earlier, it is best to join as many firms as you are comfortable with. 

You can also check social platforms to search for focus groups looking for applicants.  

Below are a few more focus groups that pay well.

  • User Testing: Earn up to $10 for carrying out a 20-minute online user test of apps, websites, and more. You have to be fast about this as there are many applicants available to take up the test.
  • GreenBook: This is a directory where you can find a list of research companies.
  • PrizeRebel: Here, you earn up to $10-$12 for participating in surveys or completing other tasks. 
  • Nichols Research: This is location-dependent, primarily in Northern California.
  • Quirks: This is a unique media platform where market researchers meet participants.
  • Advanced Focus: Based in New York City, this research company conducts varieties of surveys as well as paid focus groups.
  • Engage Studies: This research company pays between $50 – $250 and works with individuals, businesses, and institutions.

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