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Should you use your Name in your Email Address

by Cynthia
Should You Use Your Name in Your Email Address

Should you use your real name in your email address, you ask! This question remains one of the most asked queries today. If you relate to this, then, this article is for you.

When we receive an email, the first thing we notice is usually who sent it. That could be the deciding factor in whether or not the email will be opened.

Because spam can cause irreparable damage to your system, many recipients are wary and double-check the “from” name in emails.

Others may even rely on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to determine the sender’s legitimacy. However, if you are the sender, it is your responsibility to make the recipient’s job easier by providing a distinguishable “from” name.

Having a proper “from” name in an email is critical for your business and open rate. When you think about it, an email address is much more than just a physical address. It’s your online persona!

The Benefit of Using Your Real Name in Your Email Address

  • Easy to recall: Using your real name in the email address makes it easy to recall. And, again, if it’s on your domain name, nothing like it.
  • Reputation: A customized email address does not appear generic. You’ll agree that it adds a unique touch. It’d also be appropriate to brand yourself (which, come to think of it, we all do, don’t we?). This act can later build your business reputation.
  • Security: Having your real name in the email address also provides a level of reassurance and security for recipients who receives messages or email campaigns from you.  Whether they are customers, business partners, or prospective clients, you’ll be seen as a brand than if you used a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo! and have a good click-through rate. You can also set your level of email security with your name.
  • Email Capacity: Free email services such as Gmail or Yahoo! have limited bandwidth and storage space. However, if you have an e-mail with a self-managed domain name, you can manage storage capacity more freely.
  • Increased Targeted Emails: This is one reason why you should use your real name in your email address. An email containing the relevant name can assist you in determining which destination is appropriate for the mail. For instance, if you run several websites, using your real name will allow you to target prospective clients correctly. Customers who recognize your name will not mark your subsequent mail campaign sequence as spam, but as one that the recipients have approved and will always look forward to receiving your emails.

Is it Safe to use my Full Name in my Email Address?

The correct and straightforward answer to this question is entirely dependent on the reason for which you are using the email address. If you are a professional and your email address is constantly used for work purposes, I recommend that you use your full name.
However, if you are not a professional and want to create an email address for experimentation purposes, you can only add your first name.


Whether you use your first or last name, the important thing is to keep your email as simple as possible, especially if it’s a professional email. Personal data security is less important than personal presentation.

If no one else has your name or has used it as an email address, using it for professional or even personal purposes can help you identify and remember it.

If your name is unavailable, difficult to pronounce, or you simply want to be creative, there are several ways to create a memorable email address that will leave a lasting impression on your clients’ hearts.

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