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10 Blockchain Games That You Can Play to Earn Cryptocurrency and Real Money

by Cynthia
play Blockchain Games to Earn Cryptocurrency

If you have a real interest in cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, or you spend a sizeable amount of time playing online games – you can begin to monetize your time online by playing blockchain games to earn real money. Rather than idling away your time online, you can begin to earn money for the things you do on the internet, most especially by playing games.

While developers make the entire money with conventional online gaming, players make a chunk of the money with blockchain games. With play to earn crypto gaming, you can make significant income from your passion – and move from e-sports to blockchain gaming and be part of the movers and shakers of virtual economies.

Before pointing out the top blockchain games that can earn you money, let’s consider what blockchain gaming is and how to get on board.

What is Blockchain Gaming?

Knowing fully well that cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology and platforms, blockchain games are virtual games that utilize blockchain platforms for crypto winnings. This means that you play online games using blockchain platform and earn your winnings in cryptocurrencies which can be converted to real cash. You can also earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be exchanged for money or other valuable items.

The first blockchain game was launched by Axiom Zen in November 2017 and it is called CryptoKitties. Players would use Ethereum cryptocurrency to purchase NFTs which involve a virtual pet that could be bred with other players to raise offsprings in form of new NFTs. The most expensive CryptoKitten was sold for $172,000 – the rarer the kitten, the higher its value.

How to Get Started in Blockchain Gaming

With about 2.6 billion gamers worldwide responsible for the gaming industry’s $180 billion value, the sector is projected to exceed $300 billion with nearly three million players in the next five years. If you already deal in cryptocurrency, you will understand how to get started in blockchain gaming; but if not, here then is how to get started in blockchain games for financial rewards:

You need a personal computer or a smartphone. Choose the desired cryptocurrency exchange platform and pay in some real money that can then be converted to a cryptocurrency, preferably Ethereum since it supports most gaming enterprises. Store the cryptocurrency in a digital wallet where it is secure, and then select the blockchain games to play to earn money.

With this taken care of, let’s consider the 10 blockchain games that you can play to earn cryptocurrency, NFTs, and real money.

Blockchain Games that Rewards you in Cryptos or NFTs

  1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is similar to Pokemon to some players, but the game involves Axies which are actually digital creatures that represent NFTs. The rarer the Axie, the higher its value – and this can run into thousands of dollars. Players are able to purchase, sell, exchange, or breed Axies as well as use them in fights against other players.

  1. Sandbox

Sandbox enables players to buy, sell, construct, and own virtual lands that cost lots of money. Within the Sandbox community or metaverse, players can interact and can also trade in NFTs apart from dealing in lands, and Sand tokens can be used to customize players’ avatars.

  1. Splinterlands

Similar to Pokemon and Magic, Splinterlands utilizes cards for fights. Players can trade in cards and rack up value that can be exchanged for money. In the absence of more cards, players can make purchases at the in-game shop or marketplace to be able to compete with other players. The developers often add rare cards with higher values during each update of the game.

  1. Lightnite

Similar to Fortnite, Lightnite is an arcade game that utilizes Bitcoin for rewards. It is alleged to be developed by the team that developed Bitcoin and played on Satoshi’s Games (bearing in mind that the alleged founder of Bitcoin is Nakamoto Satoshi). Players get to earn Bitcoin that can be exchanged on the NFT’s Elixier marketplace when they shoot other gamers, and users lose Bitcoin when they get shot.

  1. God’s Unchained

God’s Unchained has two versions – the free version that players can play and the paid version where they play using cryptos. This blockchain game is card-based; players construct decks of cards and play against other card players. Cards won are converted into rewards and losers lose NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

  1. CryptoKitties

Just as described earlier, CryptoKitties was the first blockchain game out there. Players sell and buy kitties in the form of cartoons, and they can also breed new kittens for sales. Players play with Ethereum, and it costs significant Ether to breed new kittens for sale.

  1. Illuvium

Illuvium promises to be the best AAA Ethereum game. In the fantasy world, creatures called Illuvials possess different powers and belong to various categories; these creatures can be bought or captured to fight other Illuvials and the winner takes ILV tokens that are exchanged for Ethereum.

  1. Spider Tanks

Created by Gamedia in the Netherlands, Spider Tanks is an e-sports game that is built using a blockchain platform. Players battle other players using customized thanks that have been weaponized using NFTs. The more unique weapons a tank carries, the more its value in NFT.

  1. Dogami

Dogami would be very attractive to dog lovers; the game features 3D NFT dog avatars in more than 300 breeds under categories such as bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. Players can breed dogs that can be used for adoption, play, socialization, and earning rewards.

  1. Battle Racers

Similar to Super Mario Kart, the game utilizes customized cars that have been weaponized to crush other cars during speed races. Winners trade their earnings for NFTs that can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or cash on OpenSea.

There are other blockchain games that interested players can explore to earn money, and they can move from one game to the other if they are making this a full-time job like some people are already doing in China and the Philippines among other countries.

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